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Live Views - Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament

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  • Location: Par Plaza Hotel, Westminster Bridge, London, England
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  • Info: Live views of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament in London, England. The Houses of Parliament is also known as the Palace of Westminster. The webcam is located at the Radisson Park Plaza Hotel.

More info: Westminster Bridge passes over the River Thames in London and links Westminster on the west side to Lambeth on the east side. The current day bridge was designed by the engineer Thomas Page and was opened in 1862 which makes it the oldest surviving road bridge across the Thames in central London. The opening of the bridge coincided with Queen Victoria's 43rd birthday on the 24 May.

Westminster Bridge is 252m long and 26m wide. It is an arch bridge with seven iron-ribbed elliptical spans; the most spans of any of the Thames bridges. Westminster Bridge was painted green in 1970 to match the seats in the House of Commons, the part of the Palace of Westminster closest to the bridge. Lambeth Bridge, further upstream, is painted red to match the colour scheme in the House of Lords.