Live Webcam in Stockholm - Sweden

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  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Source: Mediateknik
  • Info: Live streaming webcam in Stockholm in Sweden. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is often called “Venice of the north” as it encompasses 14 islands.

More info: The webcam shows the Riddarfjärden, which is the easternmost bay of Lake Mälaren in central Stockholm. You can also see Riddarholmen a small islet in central Stockholm. The island forms part of Gamla Stan, the old town, and houses a number of private palaces dating back to the 17th century.

The bridge in the foreground is the Västerbron bridge which was completed in 1935 and has panoramic views of the Old Town. The highest part of the Västerbron sits 26 mtrs above the water. Stockholm is built upon 14 islands and has some 57 bridges