Live Webcam - Ponte Delle Guglie - Venice

  • Local time
  • Location: Ponte Delle Guglie, Venice, Italy
  • Source: I Love You Venice
  • Info: Live camera streaming views of the bridge called the Ponte delle Guglie, in Venice, Italy. The camera is positioned at Hotel Filu.

More info: The Ponte delle Guglie is one of two bridges crossing the Cannaregio Canal. It lies near the western end of the canal, by the Venezia Santa Lucia railway station. Originally there was a wooden bridge at the site in 1285 which was replaced by a stone bridge in 1580. After a couple of restorations the bridge was completely rebuilt in 1823 and the pinnacles or spires, were added – from which it gets its name “ Bridge of Spires “
All the bridges in Venice have names according to their function or history etc – one is called Ponte dee Tette or Tits Bridge – the bridge is located in the area called Carampane, the old red light district of Venice. Legend has it that the ladies of the brothels overlooking the bridge tried to lure men in showing their naked breasts, hence the name of the bridge!
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