Live Webcam With Skiing in Japan

  • Local time
  • Location: Marunuma Kogen Snow Resort, Marunuma, Japan
  • Source: Marunuma
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing skiers and skiing at Marunuma Kogen Snow Resort in Japan.

More info: Marunuma Kogen is located on the western slopes of Mt Shirane in Katashina village close to the Gunma-Tochigi prefecture border. There are a number of ski and snowboard resorts dotted around the mountains of this region.

Due to the high elevation, Marunuma Kogen has high quality snow, and is renowned as a great spot to go early or late in the season. A large gondola runs the full vertical of the Marunuma Kogen ski resort and there is also 1 single chair and 7 double lifts.