Live Padel Court Webcam in Spain

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  • Location: Lleida, Spain
  • Source: Padel Indoor Lleida
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at Padel courts in Lleida in Spain. Spain has almost six million padel players, more than 14,000 padel courts and over 1,000 officially registered padel clubs. It is the second-most popular sport in the country, just behind football.

More info: Padel is a racquet sport that combines the elements of tennis, squash and badminton. It is only played in doubles and is practiced outdoors as much as indoors. Scoring is the same as tennis - six games are needed to win a set and the team which wins two sets wins the game. Players will play a 7 points tie-breaker if the score reaches 6/6

The game was invented by Enrique Corcuera of Mexico, who created the first padel club in Marbella in 1974. The sport became very popular in Spain, which has been the professional circuit host of the World Padel Tour where it has been played since 2005. Over the course of the past 10 years, padel has begun to spread rapidly to the rest of Europe and the United States.