shibuya crossing

Live Webcam at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

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  • Location: Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan
  • Source: FNN
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at Shibuya pedestrian crossing outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya crossing is a world famous and iconic intersection in Shibuya which is the busiest crossing in the world. Wait till the lights turn green and watch swarms of people cross the interesection in somewhat organised chaos.

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This is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the world. When the traffic lights turn red, they all turn red on each street of the intersection, at the same time. The traffic comes to a stop and the pedestrians surge forward on to the crossings from five different directions.

The lights are on a 2 minute timer so this organised chaos repeats continually throughout the day until late at night when the station closes. The crossing is even more interesting when it rains and people are armed with umbrellas.