Live Webcam with Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan

  • Local time
  • Location: Manhattan, New York, United States
  • Source: St. George Tower
  • Info: Live streaming webcam in Newy York, United States. The webcam shows views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge and is located on top of the St. George Tower in Brooklyn.

More info: The Brooklyn Bridge in New York, crosses the East River and when it opened in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Brooklyn bridge held that title for two decades until 1903 when it was succeeded by none other than its fellow East River crossing the Williamsburg Bridge.

An interesting fact about the bridge was its spaces which were used as a wine cellar - engineers built sizeable vaults that were up to 50 feet tall into the bridge beneath its anchorages. Due to their cool temperatures, these granite-walled storage spaces made the perfect wine cellars, and they were rented out to the public until World War I. The company A. Smith & Co. Productions paid over $500 a month in rent for the Brooklyn-side vaults, while the liquor distributor Luyties Brothers paid a pretty $5000 for the prime real estate beneath the Manhattan anchorage.