Live Webcam in Magadan in Siberia

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  • Location: Magadan, Siberia, Russia
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam in Magadan in Siberia, Russia. Magadan is a large Russian city located on the Okhotsk Sea in the easternmost part of the country.

More info: The Russian city of Magadan was founded in 1930, during the Stalin era when it was a major transit centre for political prisoners sent to slave camps. From 1932 to 1953, it was the administrative center of the Dalstroy organization—a vast slave-labour gold-mining operation and forced-labour camp system. In this period, the state used both forced and free labour in Magadan, but from the 1960s onwards people willingly arrived to work, lured by substantial state benefits.

In 1986, the effects of perestroika were severe. As the Soviet system began to dissolve, the state withdrew its financial support, which led to the loss of benefits and industry closures. Since 1991, nearly 60% of the inhabitants of Magadan have moved elsewhere. Present-day Magadan is a modern northern city in a resource-rich land, caught in the complexities of post-Soviet economic, social and political change but mining and fisheries now provide increasing opportunities for prosperity.