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Live Webcam in Ripabottoni - Italy

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  • Location: Ripabottoni, Molise, Italy
  • Source: Ripabottoni Live Streaming
  • Info: Live streaming webcam in Ripabottini in Italy. Ripabottoni is in the Italian province of Campobasso, in the region of Molise. The webcam, located in the he tower of the Santa Maria Assunta Church, gives beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

More info: Ripabottoni is located about 20 kilometres northeast of Campobasso, the regional capital.

The region of Molise is mainly mountainous and hilly with a landscape scored by the characteristic tratturi, the historic trails of seasonal migration of people and livestock that join the pastures of Abruzzo to those of Apulia. Molise is the youngest and one of the smallest regions in Italy.