traffic at Champlain Bridge

Live Traffic Webcam at Champlain Bridge

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  • Location: Samuel De Champlain Bridge, Brossard, Quebec, Canada
  • Source: Pont Samuel-De Champlain Bridge
  • Info: Live streaming traffic webcam at the Samuel De Champlain Bridge in Quebec, Canada. The bridge is one of North America's busiest spans, with 50 million cars, buses and trucks crossing it each year.

More info: The Samuel De Champlain Bridge opened to traffic in the summer of 2019 after four years of construction and the dedication of more than 2,000 workers.

It is a cable-stayed bridge designed by architect Poul Ove Jensen. The bridge connects communities and businesses established on both sides of the Saint-Laurence River.

Samuel De Champlain Bridge carries eight lanes of automobile traffic with one lane in each direction dedicated for buses. It also includes a multi-use lane for cyclists and pedestrians. The central portion of the bridge deck, will carry the South Shore branch of the R├ęseau express m├ętropolitain (REM) automated light rail system.

This new Samuel De Champlain Bridge replaced the old one which lasted 57 years but became functionally obsolete due to repeated applications of de-icing salt which degraded the structure. The present bridge is built to last 125 years.