Tokachi Ohashi Bridge

Live Webcam at Tokachi Ohashi Bridge - Japan

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  • Location: Tokachi Ohashi Bridge, Otofuke Town and Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Source: Kachimai
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at the Tokachi Ohashi Bridge in Hokkaido, Japan. Tokachi Ohashi Bridge passes over the Tokachi River and connects Otofuke Town with Obihiro City.

More info: This bridge, with a width of 32.8m, is the widest PC cable-stayed bridge in Japan. Despite its width, the main towers have only one pier and the four chamber box girders are cantilevered from the center cables to prevent the falling of snow and ice to the roadway during the winter.

The Tokachi Ohashi Bridge has been constructed to withstand earthquakes, strong winds and extreme temperature changes. It looks very attractive in daylight and even more so at night with its illuminations