tehachapi railroad in california

Live Train Webcam - Tehachapi Depot Museum

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  • Location: Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum, Tehachapi, California, United States
  • Source: Tehachapi Live Train Cams
  • Info: Live streaming train webcam at the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum in California, United States. The museum tells the story of railroading in Tehachapi and the history of the famous Tehachapi Loop built by by Southern Pacific.

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More info: The original building which houses the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum, was destroyed by fire in 1904. It was rebuilt that year according to Southern Pacific station design specifications. It served as a passenger service depot until 1971 and later as a signal maintenance centre.

In 2005, the railroad handed over the depot keys to the City of Tehachapi and work began to restore it to its original condition. On June 13, with restoration nearly completed, tragedy struck again when once again fire destroyed the building. Undaunted, the City Council decided to rebuild it and it was opened again in 2010.

The exterior of the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum is almost identical to the original. Outside the depot is an extensive collection of functional vintage railroad signals which were used from1898 to 1980.

The Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum is divided into four sections. These include the passenger waiting room, the agent’s office, the baggage area and freight room. The museum has several large collections of railroad artifacts, including tools, equipment, signs, lanterns, a caboose stove, train and locomotive models, photos and stories of the men and women who built the railroad.