Live St. Barts Airport Webcam, Caribbean

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  • Source: St-Barth LiveCam
  • Location: Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthelemy, Caribbean
  • Info: Live webcam at Gustav III Airport on St. Barts in the Caribbean. St Barths airport is famous for having one of the shortest runways in the world and because of this, only small prop planes are able to land there. The airport ends at the edge of St Jean beach.

More info: St Barths airport, also known as Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthelemy Airport, Remy de Haenen Airport and sometimes as St. Jean Airport. It is located in the village of St. Jean on the Caribbean island of St Barts.

The St Barths airport is famous for having the shortest runway of any airport in the Caribbean. At only 2,100 feet long, and running up against a mountain at its southern end, the runway can only accommodate propeller planes. The runway is too short for even the smallest private jet.

When approached from the northeast, the approach is called Runway 10. It is fronted by a small mountain, and St Jean beach lies at the end. When approaching over the beach it is referred to as Runway 28. The airport does not have runway lights, and is only open during daylight hours. There are no flights in or out after sunset.

Spectacular landings at St Barts Airport