Live Webcam at Rainbow Bridge - Tokyo

  • Local time
  • Location: Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo, Japan
  • Source: Spotted Garden EEl
  • Info: Live webcam streaming views of Rainbow bridge in Tokyo. As well as the bridge, the camera shows the Shuto expressway, Tokyo Tower, Odaiba Tokyo and high rise buildings.

More info: Rainbow bridge is a suspension bridge crossing the northern Tokyo Bay from Obaida waterfront to Shibaura Pier. In December the bridge is lit up at night with colours of the rainbow. During the rest of the year it has ordinary lights with illuminated towers but still looks amazing and has become a popular tourist attraction.

Rainbow bridge has two decks - one to carry the Shuto Expressway's Daiba Route, and the second for Tokyo Prefectural Route 482 and the Yurikamome, the automated transport system running from Shimbashi to the island and around its perimeter. There are sidewalks are on either side of the lower deck, with one underpass available for pedestrians to change from the north to the south walkway.