pine river channel

Live Webcam at the Pine River Channel

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  • Location: Pine River Channel, Charlevoix, Michigan, United States
  • Source: CharlevoixCam
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at the Pine River Channel in Michigan, United States. Pine River is a man-made waterway which consists of the lower channel that leads to Lake Michigan and the upper channel to Lake Charlevoiv, the two connected by what is Round Lake.

More info: Lake Charlevoix is directly connected to Lake Michigan through the Pine River Channel and because of this, its water level fluctuates with that of Lakes Michigan and Huron. In fact, the Pine River can flow in both directions - most of the time, water flows out of Lake Charlevoix through the channel, but sometimes the flow is reversed due to a natural phenomenon called a seiche. A seiche is a rise in water level at one end of a lake caused by wind-driven waves; in this case, westerly winds push water up along Lake Michigan’s eastern shore, causing the Pine River to flow back into Lake Charlevoix. The current can be quite strong either way.