Live Traffic Cam - Marthas Vineyard

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  • Location: Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA
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  • Info: Live streaming traffic webcam in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts, United States. The webcam is located at the five corners intersection. Martha's Vineyard is an island in Masachusetts in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Cape Cod.

More info: In 1602, a British explorer Bartholomew Gosnold crossed the Atlantic and landed at a place he called Cape Cod because of the fish in the vicinity. He named the nearby island Martha's Vineyard after his daughter and the wild grape-like vines which grew wild.

The island is some 32 km long and between 3 and 16 km wide with the highest point above sea level at 95 mtrs. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Martha’s Vineyard enjoys a very temperate climate. In Summer, the Island is typically 8-12 degrees cooler than mainland Massachusetts, and in Winter, between 8-12 degrees warmer. The resident population of around 17,000 rises with visitors in the Summer months and can be as high as 200,000.