Leek And Rudyard Railway Webcam

  • Local time
  • Location: Rudyard Station, Rudyard Road, Leek, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
  • Source: Leek and Rudyard Railway
  • Info: Live streaming train webcam at Leek and Rudyard Railway in the North Staffordshire Peak District, close to Alton Towers and the Cheshire and Derbyshire borders. The camera shows the rail track outside Rudyard station with arriving and departing miniature steam trains.

More info: The railway along the eastern shore of Rudyard Lake was part of the North Staffordshire Railway's line from Leek to North Rode on the Stoke-Manchester line. Opened in 1850, it closed in British Railways days in 1960. In 1976 a short-lived 10.25 inch gauge railway was laid by Brian Nicholson, running from Rudyard village to the dam. Peter Hanton revived and extended it from 1985 to 1993; in 2000 it became known as the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway, and from 2016 as the Leek and Rudyard Railway.

The railway is 10.25 inch gauge which is equivalent to half size narrow gauge. The railway has a variety of motive power, passenger carriages and other rolling stock. Most is owned by the railway and comprises assets from the old Rudyard Lake Steam Railway and the Isle of Mull Railway. In addition, the railway is also host to some privately owned locomotives. The railway runs 2.2kms from Rudyard railway station to the dam, then along the side of the lake to terminate by the lakeside at Hunthouse Wood.