Live Webcam at Daxi Bridge - Taiwan

  • Local time
  • Location: Daxi Bridge, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Source: Taoyuan Travel
  • Info: Live streaming webcam featuring the Daxi Bridge in Taiwan. The camera shows the bridge itself as well as views from the bridge.

More info: The Daxi Bridge (Ruian Bridge) spans the Dahan River. It is a bridge for use by pedestrian and cyclists and has a Baroque style similar to the buildings on Daxi Old Street. The entrance to the bridge is a frescoed archway with a domed top and the bridge is paved with red tiles.

Visitors standing on the bridge can see the Shihmen Dam and Tamsuiā€™s Guanyin Mountain in the distance. Daxi Bridge is also the place to watch a perfect sunset and admire the night time illuminations. On weekends and holidays, the bridge comes alive with street artists and performers