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Live Train Webcam in Cincinnati

  • Local time
  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • Source: Cincinnati Railroad Club
  • Info: Live streaming train webcam in Cincinnati in Ohio, United States. The view is looking north from the Cincinnati Union Terminal, The terminal is served by Amtrak's Cardinal line, passing through Cincinnati three times weekly.

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More info: The Cincinnati Union Terminal is an intercity train station and home to the Cincinnati Museum Center. It is located in the Queensgate neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Union Terminal is a Cincinnati icon and one of the most widely regarded examples of the art deco style. It also has the largest half-dome in the western hemisphere.

Work on Union Terminal started in August 1929 and was completed in March, 1933. The station was designed to accommodate 17,000 passengers and 216 trains a day.

The complex, including the rail yards and supporting structures, takes up an area of 287 acres and includes 94 miles of track.