cercany train station

Live Webcam at Cercany Train Station

  • Local time
  • Location: Cercany Train Station, Czech Republic
  • Source: SlowTV
  • Info: Live streaming train webcam at Cercany Train Station in the Czech Republic. The webcam is loacted at the historic water tower of Cercany station. There is a steam locomotive which passes through sometimes.

More info: Cercany is a village in the Benesov District of the Central Bohemian Region.

The first locomotive arrived in Cercany from Gmund om May 20, 1871. Originally there was a single-track wooden bridge over the Sazava river. It was replaced a decade later, in 1882, by a riveted steel structure on stone piers. In 1904, a second rail was added to the line from Prague to BeneŇ°ov and the bridge was widened again.

The original name of the Cercany-Pysely station was changed to Cercany on July 14, 1919. In 1926, the old railway bridge was completely rebuilt and replaced by a new steel bridge with a footbridge.