Live Cape Cod Canal Webcam

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  • Location: Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts, United States
  • Source: Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Info: Live streaming Cape Cod Canal webcam, in Massachusetts, United States. Cape Cod Canal, which was built during the Great Depression, became and remains the widest sea-level canal without locks in the world.

More info: The Cape Cod Canal is an artificial waterway in Massachusetts which connects Cape Cod Bay in the north to Buzzards Bay in the south, and is part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. The canal is approximately seven miles long (11 km) and crosses the narrow neck of land joining Cape Cod to the state's mainland. Most of its length follows tidal rivers which have been widened and deepened in order to take off 135 miles (217 km) from the journey around the Cape for its approximately 14,000 annual users.

The canal is used extensively by recreational and commercial vessels. Service roads on both sides of the canal provide access for fishing and are heavily used by in-line skaters, bicyclists, and walkers.

The canal is occasionally used by whales and dolphins, including endangered North Atlantic right whales and wgen this occurs, it can lead to closure of the canal.