canal in amsterdam

Live Canal Webcam in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam time
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Source: Social Hotspot
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing a view of the Singel canal in Amsterdam. The Singel canal is the innermost canal in Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed ring of canals.
    The webcam is located at the Singel Hotel next to the canal and in the heart of Amsterdam..

More info: During the Middle Ages, the Singel canal encircled Amsterdam serving as a moat around the city until 1585, after which, the city expanded beyond the Singel. The canal runs from the IJ bay, near the Central Station, to the Muntplein square, where it meets the Amstel river.

The length of the Singel canal is just over 1 mile (1800m) and it has around 280 listed buildings. There are 11 bridges over the Singel, including Torensluis, which is the widest bridge in Amsterdam.