Live Webcam at Bailey Yard - Nebraska

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  • Location: Bailey Yard, North Platte, Nebraska, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming train webcam at Bailey Yard, North Platte, Nebraska, United States. Bailey Yard has 17 receiving and 16 departure tracks handling 14,000 rail cars every 24 hours.
    The webcam is located at Golden Spike Tower and overlooks the world’s largest railyard.

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More info: Bailey Yard is the world's Largest Rail Yard where locomotives and cars are sorted, serviced and repaired before heading across all of North America. It is owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad.

Bailey Yard is named after former Union Pacific president Edd H. Bailey. It covers a massive 2,850 acres, reaching a length of 8 miles and handles around 10,000 railcars every day. Of those, 3,000 are sorted to make sure the cargo reaches its final destination. The train operations and repair shops at Bailey Yard are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The on-site car repair facility annually replaces 10,000 pairs of wheels, many identified through an in-motion defect detector using ultrasound technology to inspect the wheel. This detector was developed by Union Pacific and is the only one in the world. Some wheel repairs even take place without the rail car ever leaving the track, minimizing down time.

All train movement throughout Bailey Yard is handled through the on-site command center with the latest computerized control systems. The Bailey Yard command center is tied to the Harriman Dispatching Center in Omaha, which controls hundreds of intercity trains daily throughout the company’s 23-state rail system.