Live Webcam at the Xiao Wulai Skywalk

  • Local time
  • Location: Xiao Wulai Skywalk, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Source: Taoyuan Travel | Taiwan
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at the Xiao Wulai Skywalk in Taoyuan City in Taiwan. The Xiaowulai Skywalk is suspended above the Xiaowulai Waterfall and is constructed with transparent tempered glasses.

More info: The Xiao Wulai Skywalk provides spectacular views of the scenic valley and waterfalls in Xiao Wulai in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City. The sleekly designed walkway constructed in 2010, has a tempered glass bottom and projects out 11 meters from the cliff wall.