Live Shihmen Reservoir Webcam in Taiwan

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  • Location: Shihmen Reservoir, TaiwanTaoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Source: Taoyuan Travel | Taiwan
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at the Shihmen Reservoir in TaiwanTaoyuan City, Taiwan. Shihmen Reservoir is Taiwan's third largest reservoir or artificial lake.
    The webcam shows panoramic views of the dam wall, reservoir and surrounding countryside.

More info: The dam opened in 1964, crosses the Dahan River and the reservoir it forms is the third largest in Taiwan. It provides irrigation in Taoyuan, flood control for the Taipei Basin, and hydroelectricity and domestic water supply for more than three million people in northern Taiwan.

Shihmen Reservoir is a popular area for visitors with beautiful lake and mountain views all year round as well as green parks, bikeways, lake yachts, Xizhou Park, Maple Park and Nanyuan Ecological Park. In winter fiery maple leaves and snow white plum blossom make an attractive sight and in spring there is peach, cherry and azalea blossom. In the rainy season water spills over the dam which is a spectacular sight.