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Live Webcam at Wells Harbour

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  • Location: Wells Harbour, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, England
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam at Wells Harbour in Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolf, England. Wells is a town located on the north coast of Norfolk with a port, seaside attractions and fabulous sandy beach.
    The webcam shows views of the harbour, quayside and the edge of the salt marshes.

More info: Wells-next-the-Sea (Wells) harbour is home to commercial fishing vessels and crabbing boats. In winter, when the crabs and lobsters hibernate, some of the crabbers fish for whelks. Catches are sold locally in hotels and restaurants or processed at Cromer Crab Factory. Some of the crabs and lobsters are exported to Spain and Portugal after being sorted in the Wells Fishing Shed at the East End of the Quay.

An impressive feature of Wells Harbour is the large granary building with its distinctive overhanging gantry. Wells was until recent times a manufacturing town, once supplying huge quantities of malt to Dutch and then London breweries.

Stretching over 11km (7mi) from Wells Harbour channel to Blakeney in the east, is Wells Salt Marsh which is a protected nature reserve and one of the richest and most extensive inter-tidal marsh areas in the country.

The Lifeboat Horse stands on the harbour sand at the edge of the salt marsh, just across from the Quay. It is fully visible at low tide, and partly submerged at high tide, appearing to swim through the waves. The horse was created by artist Rachael Long as a tribute to the horses that once pulled the Well’s lifeboat more than two miles from the Quay to Holkham Gap.