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Live Webcam at Warnemunde in Germany

More info: Warnemunde is a seaside resort and a district of the city of Rostock in Mecklenburg, Germany. It is located on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the river Warnow. Warnemünde is one of the world's busiest cruise ports and the most important harbour for cruise line ships in Germany.

In 1323 Warnemunde was purchased by the city of Rostock in order to safeguard the city's access to the Baltic Sea. It was not until the 19th century that Warnemünde began to develop into an important seaside resort.

Being a centre of maritime traffic, the district of Warnemünde comprises numerous navigational aids, the oldest being the lighthouse, built in 1897, and still currently in use. In the summer, the tower, approximately 37 metres (121 ft) high, allows visitors to enjoy an impressive view over the Baltic Sea and the northern districts of Rostock.