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dock at robin hoods bay in yorkshire

Live Robin Hoods Bay Dock Webcam

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  • Location: Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire, England
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  • Info: Live Robin Hood's Bay Dock webcam in North Yorkshire. Robin Hood's Bay is located 6 miles south of Whitby and 15 miles north of Scarborough on the Yorkshire Coast. The village was a thriving smuggling port in the 18 century due to its naturally isolated location.

More info: Robin Hood's Bay is not just a bay, but also a village. Taken together, the bay and the village form part of the beautiful Heritage Coast of the North Moors National Park.

The origin of the name Robin Hood's Bay remains uncertain, however, legend has it, Robin Hood encountered French pirates who came to pillage the fisherman's boats and the northeast coast. The pirates surrendered and Robin Hood returned the loot to the poor people in the village that is now called Robin Hood's Bay.

For a fascinating in depth article about the village and area, read Robin Hood's Bay: Fishing Hamlet, Smuggler's Haven by John Ravenscroft, for Time Travel Britain