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tsemesskaya bay on the black sea

Live Webcam at Tsemesskaya Bay

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  • Location: Novorossiysk, Black Sea, Russia
  • Source: nvrsk
  • Info: Live streaming webcam on the Black sea. The webcam is located at Novorossiysk and shows views across Tsemesskaya Bay. Novorossiysk is a city in southern Russia with a naval base, shipbuilding yards, and an oil-pipeline terminal.

More info: Novorossiysk is a city in southern Russia located in the south-west of Krasnodar krai, on the coast of Novorossiyskaya (Tsemesskaya) Bay of the Black Sea. It is an important transport hub of the region. Novorossiysk sea port is one of the largest Russian sea ports that inlcudes a passenger, freight and oil loading ports. Novorossiysk is also a naval base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.