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More info: Plomari marina is a harbour located on the S coast of Lesbos with immediate access to the Aegean Sea. Lesbos is the third largest of the Greek Islands and Plomari is the second largest town on the island after Mytilini.

Plomari was originally up in the mountains where the village of Megalohori now stands. Both the mountain village and the port were destroyed by fires from 1841 to 1843, after which the city of today was built.

Plomari is where the famous Barbayannis Ouzo comes from as well as several other smaller labels like the excellent Ouzo Giannatsi, both distilled in the traditional method.

The Municipality of Lesvos, the Cultural Association of Plomari “Polion” and Lesvos Distilleries Association, organize an event dedicated to ouzo titled “Traditional Culture of Ouzo”, at the Plomari marina at the beginning of August every year.