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Live Looe Harbour Webcam, Cornwall

  • Local time
  • Location: Looe Harbour, Cornwall, England
  • Source: Dorset Council UK
  • Info: Live Looe harbour webcam in Cornwall on the south coast of England. Looe is a traditional fishing port located between Plymouth and Fowey, at the mouth of the River Looe. A long harbour arm known as the "Banjo" pier, protects the east side of the mouth of the river from storms.
    This live webcam is loacted at The Portbyhan Hotel .

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More info: Looe still has a working harbour and boats have fished out of Looe for hundreds of year. Looe Harbour is at the heart of the town and plays a pivotal role in many of the community events held throughout the year.

Visitors can sign up to spend time out at sea in search of everything from mackerel to tuna. They can even try their hand at shark fishing, Looe being the main centre for this 'sport' in England. These days all sharks are tagged and recorded when caught and returned to the sea straight away.

Nearby Looe Island is owned by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and managed as a nature reserve. There are many boat trips from Looe Harbour to the island most days throughout the tourist season.