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Live Webcam at Jubilee Yacht Club - Massachusetts

  • Local time
  • Location: Jubilee Yacht Club, Tuck Point, Beverly, Massachusetts
  • Source: Jubilee Yacht Club
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at the Jubilee Yacht Club, Beverly, Massachusetts. The webcam shows the view from Tuck Point, looking across Beverly Harbour waters.

More info: The Jubilee Yacht Club is located on the historic north shore in Beverly, Massachusetts and has carried on yachting traditions for over a century. It is a private members club providing social and yachting activities, regattas and fishing tournaments amongst other things.

The city of Beverly is situated on Beverly Harbor, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, just north of Salem. In its early years, it developed as a shipping centre, and the schooner Hannah, claimed to be the first ship of the U.S. Navy, was commissioned (September 5, 1775) at Glover’s Wharf in Beverly by George Washington.