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ilfracombe harbour

Live Ilfracombe Harbour Webcam

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  • Location: Ilfracombe Harbour, Devon, England
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam at Ilfracombe Harbour in Devon, England. lfracombe is the largest harbour on the North Devon coast. It is located at the southern entrance to the Bristol Channel.

More info: Ilfracombe is a small natural harbour surrounded by cliffs. Until the mid-19th century Ilfracombe's economy was based around maritime activities: importing lime and coal from Wales; fishing for herring; and international trade, including to West Africa and the West Indies.

Since at least the mid-17th century a light has been displayed from the 14th-century chapel atop Lantern Hill, to guide ships entering the harbour. The light remains operational, and is said to be Britain's oldest lighthouse.