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Live Harbour Webcam in Helsinki

  • Local time
  • Location: South Harbour, Port of Helsinki, Finland
  • Source: Port of Helsinki
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing the South Harbour in the Port of Helsinki, Finland.The webcam shows views of one of the passenger ferry terminals.

More info: South Harbour is a bay and harbour area immediately next to the centre of the city of Helsinki and has eight named piers and three terminals. The harbour handles cruise ships, the Viking Line cruise ferries and shipping traffic to Stockholm and Tallinn. In summertime there are a lot of visiting small ships.

The southernmost terminal in South Harbour, is the Olympia Terminal, built for the 1952 for the Summer Olympics. It is used by the cruiseferries of Silja Line. On the Valkosaari island in front of the Olympia Terminal is the home port of Nyländska jaktklubben (NJK), Helsinki's oldest yacht club.