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view from dartmouth

Live Dartmouth Webcam

  • Local time
  • Location: Dartmouth, Devon, England
  • Source: Coast Cams
  • Info: Live webcam at Dartmouth in Devon, England with a view over the River Dart towards Kingswear. You can also see the pontoon and the Dartmouth to Kingswear passenger ferry.
    The webcam is located at the Embankment Bistro.

More info: Dartmouth is located in southwestern England in Devon, along the English Channel and the west bank of the River Dart estuary.

Today, most of the local economy of Dartmouth relies on the thriving tourism industry, with a heavy emphasis on yachting and the sea. Dartmouth has been the home of initial Naval Officer training in the UK since 1863.

The population of Dartmouth more than triples during the Regatta in August each year. The ‘Royal’ Dartmouth Regatta was given royal approval by Queen Victoria in 1856, although she never actually attended.