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Beigan Baisha Harbouur Webcam - Taiwan

  • Taipei
  • Location: Beigan Baisha Harbour, Lienchiang County ( Matsu ) Taiwan
  • Source: Port Affairs Office
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing views of the Beigan Baisha Harbour, Taiwan.

More info: Beigan Baisha Harbour is located in the township of Beigan, Lienchiang County ( Matsu ) Taiwan. Beigan is on Beigan Island which is the second largest island of the Matsu Islands and is approximately 200kms northwest of Taiwan Island. Beigan has some spectacular coastal scenery, fine beaches and old wonderfully preserved Fujian Villages. Fujianese people arrived in the 1400s escaping turmoil in their homeland and again later in the 1600s when boatloads of fishermen arrived on the island.