Live Webcam at Tobay Beach in New York State

  • Local time
  • Location: Tobay Beach, Ocean Parkway, Oyster Bay, New York State
  • Source: Town of Oyster Bay
  • Info: Live streaming beach webcam in New York State, United States. The webcam is at Tobay Beach and shows views of the sandy beach and the ocean.

More info: Tobay Beach is located in the middle of Jones Beach Island, a barrier island off the South Shore of Long Island, New York in Nassau County.

Tobay Beach derives its name as an acronym for Town of Oyster Bay. It is an exclusive beach on a quiet bay with calm shallow waters. All Long Island town beaches are restricted to use by residents-only.

Located just 4 miles east of historic Jones Beach on Ocean Parkway, Tobay Beach is the Town of Oyster Bay’s premier south shore summer destination. Once the backdrop for a Marilyn Monroe photoshoot, residents may choose to either enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves on the Atlantic Ocean beachside or bask in the calmer waters of the Great South Bay on the north side.