Flamand Beach on St Barts - Caribbean

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  • Location: Flamand Beach, Baie de Flamands, Saint-Barthélemy, Caribbean
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  • Info: Live streaming beach webcam on Saint Barts in the Caribbean. The webcam shows views of Flamand Beach.

More info: Flamand Beach with beautiful white sand and rolling waves in turquoise waters, is one of the longest beaches on the Island.

There is an abundant amount of marine life found in the shallow waters off St. Barths’ coast. It is the ideal place to snorkel and see the array of colourful fish, sea turtles, and other sea life living below the ocean’s surface.

The airport runway on St. Barths, is one of the shortest in the world and it actually ends at the beach. St. Barths has made a great recovery since being hit in September 2017 by hurricane Irma, which was named as the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade.