Live Beach Sport Webcam, Deerfield Beach

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  • Location: Deerfield Beach, Broward County, Florida.
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  • Info: Live beach sport webcam at Deerfield beach in Florida, United States. The view shows people enjoying volleyball and having fun. Deerfield Beach has nine sand volleyball courts located north of the pier in the recreation area.


Info: The City of Deerfield Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean.

The sand volleyball nets at Deerfield Beach see plenty of action. At weekends, net number 3 is the social epicenter for families who have been playing the sport there for two generations. They gather at the net’s south out of bounds line with beach chairs, coolers and kids.

Deerfield hosts one of the premier sand volleyball tournaments in Broward County and brings in upwards of 200 players from all over the country to memorialize Ranse Jones, one of their own who died of a stroke in 2010 at age 34.

As well as beach and watersports, Deerfield Beach is home to Quiet Waters Park, which features campgrounds, fishing, a skate park and the longest "cable ski" courses in the nation. A hybrid of surfing, skiing and wakeboarding, cable skiing is rapidly growing in popularity.