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Live Webcam at Crystal Beach

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  • Location: Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsular, Texas, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming beach webcam at Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsular, Texas Bolivar Peninsula encompasses 27 miles of Beach Shoreline on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast.

More info: Crystal Beach is located on the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County. The beach stretches 7 miles along Texas State Highway 87 in the middle of Bolivar Peninsula. It is one of the few beaches where vehicles are allowed to drive on to and park on the beach with the purchase of a permit.

Fishing off Bolivar Peninsula and around Crystal Beach Texas is like no other. For those with a boat, Crystal Beach is host to a hand full of Marinas most of which carry live and dead bait, ice, drinks and tackle. From beachfront to Rollover Pass the North Jetties, French Town Road, and Fort Travis Seashore Park all have areas of access from land for year round fishing for those without a boat.