Cable beach

Live Webcam at Cable Beach in Australia

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  • Location: Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam at Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia. Cable Beach is a 22 km stretch of white sand beach on the eastern Indian Ocean.

More info: Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889. Low cliffs of red ochre rise behind the very flat and wide beach, with waves that are mostly gentle in the dry season from May to October

Cable Beach has huge tidal movements and visiting the beach at low tide provides a large expanse of sandy beach to enjoy. Cable beach has some spectacular sunsets with colours ranging from purples and golds to fiery reds, lighting up the sky as the sun slowly sinks. Cable Beach is also famous the world over for its iconic camel rides.

Flatback turtles nest on Cable Beach between October and February. The warm waters and long sandy beaches are ideal nesting grounds for the Flatback turtles who return to the same beach that they were hatched on.