babes beach in galveston

Live Webcam at Babes Beach in Galveston

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  • Location: Babes Beach, Galveston, Texas, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam at Babes Beach in Galveston, Texas, United States. Babes Beach is located west of 61st Street and is named after A.R. ''Babe'' Schwartz – a former member of the Texas Senate.

More info: Babe’s Beach is arguably the best beach in Galveston. The historic seawall backs most of the beach and has historic markers along the path that reminds visitors and locals alike about the importance of Galveston and the area's significance in the founding of Texas.

Many visitors enjoy surfing, swimming, and fishing at Babe’s Beach. Babe's Beach has great swimming waters, and there are always activities taking place on the sand.

While Galveston is becoming a year-round destination, the most desirable time of the year for perfect beach weather is springtime through October.