Live Beach Webcam at Arillas in Corfu

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  • Location: Arillas Beach, Corfu, Greece
  • Source: Arillas Corfu LIVE streaming
  • Info: Live streaming beach webcam in Corfu, Greece. The webcam is located at the beach in Arillas The town of Arillas has a long sandy beach stretching 2kms and is in an area surrounded by forests and olive groves.

More info: Arillas is situated in the north-west corner of Corfu and 37kms from Corfu town.

The long sandy beach of Arillas stretches for around 2kms and is surrounded by lush forests and vast green-silver olive groves. It is a quiet beach with crystal clear shallow water, popular with people for family holidays. The view from the beach out to sea has many small islands behind which the sun drops and forms spectacular sunsets.

By boat, you can visit the two nearby deserted islets of Diaplos and Diakopo. The island of Mathraki is the smallest of the Diapontia islands and has two villages and a harbour. Othoni, the largest of the Diapontia islands and also the westernmost point of Greece, is becoming more popular with tourists because of its unspoilt beauty. On Othoni you can visit Calypso’s cave. Erikusa is the last of the Diapontia islands and is not directly visible from Arillas beach as it lies further to the north.