Live Canal Webcam in Elburg

  • Amsterdam time
  • Location: Elburg, Gelderland, Holland
  • Source: Bottercourant
  • Info: Live streaming webcam with views of the canal and harbour in Elburg in Gelderland, Holland.

More info: Elburg is traditionally a trading town and had its own fishing fleet which included a type of boat called a botter. Botters are sailing ships with flat bottoms which were especially suited for sailing in the shallow waters of the Zuiderzee.

Elburg became disconnected from the open sea in 1956 when the land in the eastern part of Flevoland was reclaimed. This development led to the disappearance of the fishing industry, and the town now lies on what is a narrow strip of water called the Veluwemeer Lake. These days, there are still a handful of botters which are restored and cherished by enthusiasts.